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Renu Malhotra

(Air Hostess)


Hello Friends!

It is Renu Malhotra, who is one of the most discussed Dapodi air-hostess escorts. I am a woman, 25 years of age, with 32-25-33 and 5'4. As far as escortling profession is concerned, I have been doing it for the last four years. It has been very respectable and money making a profession for me. Moreover, I get a chance to share my true knowledge with the gullible and uneducated people. Nowadays, I see that many fake and duplicate things are available in the market and people get exploited. They remain worried what to use and what not to us. Through escortling, I do an advertisement for the right products and services.  The people have lots of faith in me and they follow me blindly. For me, all the people, whether rich or poor or educated or uneducated, are equal before me.

As far as the initial stage of my life is concerned, my father was a rich businessman and he could provide me all the expensive things. Just because of him, I have been able to achieve this feat in my life. During four years of my career, I have become so rich that I am famous as one of the most wanted Independent Dapodi Airhostess escorts. The film makers and directors keep giving me offers for the escortling, but I do not accept all of them. Prior to escortling, I check the efficacy of the products. I am so dogmatic and stubborn than none can coax me. I take decisions independently before going ahead.

  • Name :

    Renu Malhotra

  • Age:


  • Weight :


  • Height :

    5 feet 4 inches

  • Hair :

    Sunflower Blonde

  • Eyes :

    Red and violet

  • Complexion :

    Light Fair

  • Measurements:


  • Education:


  • Dress :


  • Languages :

    Hindi & English

  • Travel Scope :

    World Wide

  • Location :


  • Nationality :


  • Favorite food:

    Mixture. Flattened Rice, Groundnut, Chana, Masala

  • Sexuality :


  • Favorite Place:

    Jaigarh Fort, Jantar Mantar

  • Favorite Color:

    Red, Pink, Purple

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